Being an Adult is Actually Quite Fun!

(To quote Monica from Friends) "Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say!"

I turn 21 next week which makes me an adult adult... right? (Although looking at these photos you'll probably disagree).
But what I've started to realise these past few weeks is that being an adult is not too bad. It's actually quite fun. At least it is at the moment! Maybe I shouldn't say this until I have a mortgage to pay off and a screaming baby in my arms.

But here me out.

I quite enjoy cleaning my bathroom. There's something really very satisfying about scrubbing away dirt and hair. Gross...but satisfying. And the smell of the Dettol bathroom cleaner is something I shouldn't admit to loving.

I am really enjoying cooking these days. I was never really one for cooking. When I lived at home, my Mumma cooked us delicious meals every night of the week so I didn't have to worry about feeding myself. Looking back, I appreciate the hours and hours she would have spent preparing and cooking our meals over the years, but at the time I just sat down to a plate of food every night and didn't appreciate the fact that I didn't have to make it myself.

But now - particularly since I've lived in a house where the kitchen is actually nice - I really enjoy cooking fresh meals for myself every night. I love sitting down at the start of the week to think up some ideas of dishes to cook and to then write a meal plan (necessary when you're on a student budget).

I'll even go as far as to say that I cherish my little trip (or two) to Sainsbury's every week buying food, kitchen roll, bin sacks and..... candles. Candles are my weakness. Browsing the Sainsbury's Home section in general is my weakness.

I tell you what else I rather look forward to... changing my bedding! Nothing beats the smell and feel of clean sheets. Well except the smell and feel of clean sheets that Mum's put on your bed ready for when you go home in the holidays... But still, changing my bedding is something I used to dread but then decided not to dread, and instead have fun climbing inside my duvet cover trying to make the corners of the duvet meet the corners of the duvet cover.

Washing up, opening and managing bank accounts, filling out my budget planner, replying to emails, hoovering (or, to use the "correct term" - vacuuming), driving up and down the A338, A31, M27, M3 and A35 (my most frequent routes to visit my family), filling my car up with petrol (and crying about how the prices have gone up AGAIN) and getting up at 7am to go for a brisk morning walk with my housemates (okay, okay, that doesn't happen as much I let on) are all things that I really like doing.

I mean, sure, I also like binge watching endless episodes of Friends, eating whole Lindt 70% chocolate bars all in one go, having lie-ins (because I never ever have uni these days), strumming my guitar for hours on end and walking around the house in my children's age 13 bunny onesie...

... but sometimes, I find boring, adult things rather therapeutic and satisfying. At least, they make me feel productive and like I'm actually doing something useful with my time, and I very much like that feeling.

I love the freedom that comes with being an adult. I can do what I like, when I like (well, I can until I start working full-time), I can get in my car and drive for miles and miles at any time and I can bake chocolate chip muffins and eat them all the same evening without being judged, or told off, or have them taken away from me.

I also love working (albeit currently part-time) and I hope that I continue to love working and earning money and creating. I'm going to try my absolute best to always love my work, and if I don't, then I'm going to do something about it. Because I have a choice, and I have the freedom, and that is a complete blessing.

Life can be rubbish sometimes and doing housework and chores and generally being an adult and having to deal with adult things can suck.
But you've gotta find fun in the little things and remember that this is all just a part of being on this earth!

I realise that I'm fortunate and blessed and currently have little to worry about at this stage in my life. I know it won't always be this way, and in five years' time (heck, maybe in 6 months' time once I've graduated) I may be writing another blog post to tell you how much I hate being an adult.

But for now, I love it, and I want to document what this feels like!