Olivia at 15 Months

So, I've been really getting into my photography lately and I'm starting to think that this blog is going to become more of a photography/work blog than anything else. I've been lacking any motivation or inspiration to write about stuff I used to write about. What did I even used to write about?! This blog has had no focus recently, to be honest I'd almost given up with it because I had zero clarity on what the heck to post, but I'm sticking with it. I think!

Now that uni is coming to an end (well, in four months' time), my life is going to revolve more and more around the hobbies that I hope will soon be my full-time work (i.e. videography/photography).
So it seems only natural that my blog evolves with me. I'll still be traveling and baking and having a rant or two from time to time (or discussing important matters as I like to think of it), but my last few blog posts have been photography ones - simply because that's what interests me lately, and therefore that's what I want to share with the few readers that actually click onto this blog.

(I say "few", but I've now had over 100,000 (A HUNDRED THOUSAND!) views so this is an opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who does actually take time out of their day to look at this blog!).

Right, ramble over. Over Christmas we had a little monkey come and stay with us. She goes by the name of Olivia, you all know who she is, and of course Auntie Steph got her camera out quite a lot to snap away at the little munchkin!

I know I've shared some of these photos on Facebook and Instagram but I think this is the best platform to really document them properly, and document how fast she is growing and how much she changes every time I see her. And coo over how blinking sweet she is.

I cannot even begin to tell you how broody I am at the moment, and this little cutie doesn't help matters! Actually, she does, because having her around means that I'm not tempted to go and have a baby of my own - yet! She's finally walking now, her hair is growing, she plays games, she says 'uh oh' and sings nursery rhymes and the other day she ran away with her new clothes wrapped around her shoulders, stopped and declared: "I did it!". Seems like just yesterday she was a sleepy newborn. I am totally, utterly besotted with her. Can you tell?!

She's nearly 16 months old now but these photos were taken at 15 months (featuring a brand new Ted Baker coat gifted from Nanna and some blue confetti hearts to celebrate that she's getting a baby brother this year!).

Hope you enjoyed scrolling through those cheeky, toothy, scrummy photographs! I don't doubt there will be some more soon!