21st Birthday Unicorn Party!

I turned 21 last week which is super scary and to celebrate being an actual adult I thought I would throw a unicorn themed birthday party. Duh!

I'd been planning for weeks. And I mean weeeeeeks. I haven't really had a birthday party since I was in primary school (I'm not really your "party animal") but I thought turning 21 called for something big and brilliant and magical, and an opportunity to get my hybrid group of friends and family together in our house in Exeter!

So, I spent a long time trawling through Pinterest for some inspiration (as we tend to do in these situations) and digging deep in my creativity and imagination (and that of my friends and sister too). I gathered some pictures, ideas and craft bits and we got to work!

Decorations included unicorn/rainbow bunting...

unicorn horns...

pom poms...

pastel and confetti balloons...

and props for the photobooth!

It was no surprise that Olivia was in her element playing with the pom-poms and balloons! They certainly distracted her from her classic 1-year-old tantrums! P.S. How cute is her little unicorn outfit and her spaghetti-covered face?!?!

From the word go I decided I wanted to have a rainbow sponge birthday cake. I'm a rainbow lover at the best of times but I couldn't not have one at a unicorn party! I made the individual rainbow cake sponges two days before (they were gluten and dairy free of course!) and waited until we got to Exeter to assemble them - can you imagine trying to transport the entire cake on an 80 mile car journey with 5 of us squished in the car amongst duvets, pillows and party stuff?! Yeah, not a good idea!
Aside from having heaps of washing up to do at the end of it, the rainbow sponges were surprisingly easy to do. If you ever want to attempt to make a rainbow cake I have two tips for you: use these gel food colours from eBay (they're amazing!) and use disposable cake tins so you can put them all in the oven at once!

I also made some rainbow sponge cupcakes because why the heck wouldn't I?! To decorate, the girls piped on rainbow buttercream, sprinkles and edible glitter(!!), and finished them off with these gorgeous unicorn and rainbow cake wrappers.

I want to give a special shoutout to my housemates Jasmine, Amy and Jaymee for decorating my birthday cake and cupcakes. I didn't know what they were going to come up with and I left them to it. And what they ended up doing was absolutely incredible! I can't even express how grateful I am to them for making it look so perfect, professional and beautiful! The photos don't even do it justice! They're so kind and SO talented and if they don't go into business together doing cake decorating they are missing out on an opportunity there! Thank you girls SO much!

As for my outfit... I wore this beautiful pink sequin dress from Topshop that I bought back in the summer for my cousin's wedding. But it's pink and sparkly and glitters rainbow in the light so it was the most perfect dress for this party! I used pink and blue hair chalk in my hair, wore unicorn earrings, gold face glitter, pink sparkly nail varnish and wore rainbow eyeshadow (courtesy of Jasmine!). 

We had a lot of fun in the photo booth (I say "photo booth" - it was just a camera and a bright softbox light that I use for vlogging!) and I'm so happy with how the photos turned out! 

Olivia really didn't want a photo with Auntie Steph!
I can't tell you how long it took to get this one and only nice one!

The cutest unicorn you ever did see!

Pink ladies!

Can't wait to meet you baby nephew!!

Brother and sister love!

This unicorn mask George insisted on buying was genuinely terrifying!

Love this lot more than words can say!

It was the best birthday party I could have wished for, filled with rainbows and magic and a whole load of cake! I'm so grateful to everyone who came, baked, decorated and made it amazing - thank you!! I'm so sad that it's over so I'm going to spend the rest of the week (month!) scrapbooking it! See you all at my 30th!! Actually no, I don't want to think about that!


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