Olivia at 17 Months

It may only have been two months ago that I posted an Olivia update but I can't resist sharing these photos of her at 17 months old because she's changed so much in just a few weeks, let alone months!

Baby Olivia is long gone now (we always used to wonder how long we'd refer to her as "Baby Olivia") and has been replaced with a cheeky, game-playing, giggling, running, chattering little girl who loves reading, drawing, chocolate, peppa pig, feeding and putting her dollies to bed, making friends with old men in restaurants (and saying "bye-bye grandad!" at them) teasing her beloved dogs, and grinning for the camera ("cheeeeese!").

It's hard to remember when she was just a sleeping little lump who didn't really do much!

She's the first baby that I've had in the family so it's been pretty eye-opening and exciting and lovely meeting her on the day she was born and seeing her grow up ever since. She definitely knows who I am now and if I'm lucky she blows me kisses and gives me cuddles (okay I've got to be really lucky for the cuddles) and although she can't quite say "Auntie Stephy" yet, she did mumble something today which vaguely resembled that, so I'll happily take it for now!

I can't wait to see her play with her baby brother when he arrives in June and I know she's going to seem SO grown-up compared to my sleepy newborn of a baby nephew. I think she's already excited to meet him - she gives mummy's bump cuddles and says "baby, baby". Sometimes when I see her do that I'm pretty sure my ovaries are going to explode.

So, before I go off and write a whole blinking book about how much I love her (and I wouldn't even be sorry!), here's some photos of little miss Olivia at 17 months old!


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