Our New Home: The Living Room

Last month, I moved out of my parents’ house and into a brand new little abode with my best mate, Sara. Having been to uni for three years between 2014-2017, and my parents moving house in that time, this makes this house the 6th place that I’ve lived in, in the past four years!

I love change, and I love having a change in environment. It refreshes me. Gets me out of a rut. Inspires me. And so I love moving house, having a new space to decorate and exist in. Shake me out of a routine.

Whilst this is the 22nd bedroom I have had in the 22 years of my life, this is only Sara’s 2nd in her 22 years of life, as she has lived in her family home since the day she was born, until the 2nd of February this year, the day we moved (woah that’s a lot of 2’s in those stats!). So naturally, moving out of her parents’ house, and into a new one with me, was a big thing for her and took some deep contemplation (well I say that but when we saw the house for the first time, our decision was made in approximately 0.4 seconds).

We’d always daydreamed about living together one day, joking that our entire house would be pink and full of Cath Kidston homeware. I don’t know if we ever really thought it would happen, and certainly not two weeks after the last time we had daydreamed whilst admiring some Cath Kidston mugs in town!

But out of pretty much nowhere, we found this house. It’s spacious, it’s brand new (the floor went down about a week before we moved in!) and it’s pink, mint, grey and white from ceiling to floor. It's the first house that I've been able to decorate and furnish to my heart's content (thankfully, mine and Sara's hearts are content at the same colour scheme and taste in interiors!) and we have taken great joy in making it cute and cosy.

So now I want to share this joy with you (and our future selves), from minimalist bargain furniture, to plant babies, to cute kitchen utensils that we simply couldn't resist. There's too much to put it one blog post (we don't want you getting bored now do we?) so let's kick off with the living room.

Go grab a cuppa and get ready to be nosy - it's okay, we don't mind.

Our living room is an open plan lounge/dining area/kitchen, which makes it feel incredibly spacious and light and lovely. As we are only renting this place for a year (as it stands at the moment), we thought it made sense to keep the costs down where possible. So we set out to hunt for some bargains... and my goodness did we find some!

First up, we found this coffee table on Guernsey eBuy (I have a new found appreciation for this Facebook page) and although it was advertised as a TV stand, it works beautifully as a coffee table! It's white, it's shiny, and it has a shelf for our coffee table books - most important! And it was only £30 (£15 each, oh the joy of splitting costs!). We are so happy with it and always have some coasters, tissues and Queen Adele's Vogue magazine sitting on top, with some books on the shelf below, along with our beloved blush pink Primark throw and copper wire basket.

We recently bought this gorgeous pink and fluffy-beyond-fluffy teddy bear rug for £30 from Dunelm, and decided to have it between the sofa and coffee table. The room instantly felt cosier!

One of our favourite purchases is definitely these gorgeous geometric marble-effect coasters. We actually got these from Aladdin's Cave (think Guernsey's equivalent of John Lewis but like, 2% of the size). We wanted to buy the matching placemats but £18.99 for four placemats was not acceptable, so we rebelled and bought some from Next instead - sadly they haven't arrived yet :(

Next up is this cute circular side table. We'd been looking for one exactly this, with a white top and wooden legs. Eventually we found this one - only £20 from The Range. I blinking *love* that place! Although as we had to buy it in Exeter, it meant flying it back on the plane to Guernsey. But it was flat-packed and so unbelievably easy to put together (thank goodness - we're not exactly DIY people). 

In the back right corner of the room we have our two window sills, which are acting as make-shift shelves. It's really is sweet that we received so many new home cards (thank you to you lovely humans who sent us one!) and although it was over a month ago now, they're still up. They're just too cute to take down to be honest!

Behind our sofa is yet another plant (you just can't have too many plants) and this gorgeous felt letterboard (another present from Sara, she's just the best housemate/friend). We put a new quote up each week, like a little motivator to get us through. 

This TV stand was a bit of a Pinterest-inspired project for Sara and her sister one evening. We bought this from the GO Furniture charity shop here in Guernsey for only £15. The best find!! We had been looking for something with cupboards and shelves (you know, for the Friends boxset), and couldn't believe how perfect it was! The cupboard doors were wooden, so to spruce it up and make it a tad more stylish, we put white laminate on them. Instant transformation for just an extra £2!

Sara's sister and brother-in-law have kindly given us their spare TV, which we have obviously sprinkled with fairy lights, (specifically these disco-ball rainbow ones from John Lewis) and decorated with a cute succulent. Oh and this is also the home to our keys pot, from Creasey's Home in Guernsey. How cute is this little rainbow keyring?! (A birthday present from Sara, she knows I'm all about the rainbow life).

Unfortunately our dining room table wasn't second-hand, but we did get it for only £130 from Furniture Box. We fell in love with the translucent glass top and the comfortable faux-leather chairs just make it even more perfect. It's big enough to sit six if we have guests, but also the perfect size for when it's just the two of us, and doesn't take up too much floor space.

Finally, we have our most favourite feature and although we had to wait a while for it (and my goodness did it feel like a while), this gorgeous charcoal sofa from DFS was definitely worth the wait. Naturally, we've thrown on some blush pink cushions. These were from Primark for just £3 each and you would never know! We're so happy with them. 

I think that's everything for our living room! We're still hoping to get a giant house plant to go in one corner (I think that's our mission for this weekend) and also a tall shelf unit to go in the corner by the sofa/dining table, for candles, plants, books, framed photos etc.

Oh and one day we'll get around to hanging up some prints on the walls. As previously mentioned, we're not particularly friendly with drills and screws so might need to ask a dad or step-dad really nicely with a cherry on the top to help us out with that!

Hope you enjoyed having a little peek at our new living space. Check back soon for 'The Kitchen' blog post - it features a rose gold vegetable peeler so you definitely don't want to miss that xx