About Me

Hello! I'm Steph and I'm a Wedding Videographer and Web/Graphic Designer living on the teeny tiny island of Guernsey.

Some facts about me:

+ I read a lot of books (but not a lot of fiction).

+ Clothes shopping is my weakness.

+ I have a degree in Media Production.

+ I love talking about periods.

+ My favourite subject at school was biology and I'm still completely geeky about it - life is just SO COOL.

+ My perfect Friday night is one where pizza is involved, and Coronation Street is on the tele.

This blog was born three and a half years ago, in July 2014, as a diary whilst I recovered from an operation. As you can probably tell, I have (somehow) managed to keep it alive, and it is now a little space to share my thoughts (when I'm brave enough), document my life (when I remember) and post all the photographs that I insist on taking in my day-to-day life (particular when my niece and baby nephew - and his adorable chubby limbs - are there for me to capture).

Sometimes I slack in posting, and other times you may be bombarded with a load of ramble all at once, but I hope you enjoy them all the same.